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Gemba Kaizen Training Institute specializes in the transfer of Japanese management know-how and focusing on improving the efficiency of manufacturing, Material Handling, and other business operations. We provide our clients with access to Japan’s rich experience and knowledge in business process management and continuous improvement practices.

With our highly knowledgeable and experienced trainers, we work as a knowledge partners for our clients and provide consulting and learning solutions to them, thus directing them towards efficiency driven profitable growth. Our trainers are industry experts having experience 20-40 years in their chosen field. Our Trainers have experience of training professionals across various sectors and Organizations.

Gemba Kaizen Training Institute creates a unique lean production system customized to each client's specific requirements. The goal is to enable clients to identify their problem areas, develop strategies to improve them, and to education and train their employees in the practice of Kaizen in the workplace. We support the manufacturing, logistics, and service industries through on-site consultation and seminars.

Gemba Kaizen Training Institute consultants work with the client's staff to continuously assess and restructure the company's operational systems to improve efficiency and profitability. Since the company's employees are an integral part of the improvement process, our expects the client to return minimum 20% of the profits it gains through implementing Kaizen to its employees What We Do.

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