8D Training
(Eight Disciplines Training)

This one-day course provides a detailed understanding of a rapid, structured problem-solving process, which delivers long term solutions. Delegates will use linked tools and practical examples to become more familiar with the key stages of problem definition and solution. On completion of the course and after rolling out 8D problem solving, delegates' businesses would be expected to save time, money and resources by fixing recurring problems. The training programme is relevant to anybody responsible for solving real world problems, or those in operations, technical and project supervisor roles.

Course Contents
• Problem definition – developing a problem statement
• Cause and effect analysis - brainstorming, fishbone diagrams, the 5 whys
• Containment actions – taking immediate action to prevent the problem from affecting the customer
• Root cause identification - corrective action, implementation and preventing recurrence.

• Work through a structured problem-solving process
• Clearly define the problem
• Clearly define the root cause of the problem
• Develop and implement corrective actions.

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