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Kaizen, or continuous improvement, is an unending spiral of activity, building small improvements one on another for a big effect. It is primarily a process rather than a result, but it is driven by basic ideals. These ideals are inherent in the very definition of the problem to be solved.

The objective of this programme is to provide the participants with the complete understandings the concepts and techniques of Kaizen. Through lectures, exercises and practical workshops the course explores the most frequently used techniques and tools within the Kaizen environment. This programme is well positioned to support the TQC, TQM, TPM and Lean Manufacturing philosophy.

Upon completion of this Wokshop the participants will be prepared to:
1. fully understand the totality of Kaizen concepts, policy, goal and objectives
2. develop a master plan of how to put the many diverse Kaizen activities together
3. implement the many step-by-step measures in various Kaizen activities

1. Introduction and overview of Kaizen
2. Key Features of Kaizen
3. Benefit of Implementing Kaizen
4. The Kaizen Concept – MINDSET of Continuous Improvement
5. Kaizen & Total Quality Control (TQC), Total Productive Maintenance(TPM), Just-In-Time (JIT)
6. Breakthrough Kaizen Events
7. The Kaizen Umbrella
8. Kaizen tools and techniques
9. The Kaizen Techniques
10. Kaizen Implementation Plan
12. Difficulties in Implementing Kaizen
13. Management commitment for Kaizen

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