Lean Six Sigma

What exactly is Six Sigma? A lot of people have heard of it, rather fewer have more than a hazy idea about it – and those that do have often only been exposed to just one element of it.This is understandable since, unlike any other approach, it can truly affect every person and every function in an organisation. It’s also possible to pick at Six Sigma and take only those pieces of the jigsaw that are appealing or appear easy. The purpose of this note is to show the whole jigsaw and how the various pieces fit together.

We offer number of workshops which can be run on a more ad hoc basis to support efforts in specific areas. There is sometimes a thin dividing line between training and consultancy and this applies particularly to some of these ad hoc workshops, so do please give us a call if you have any questions as to what might be the best approach for your particular situation.

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