Value Stream Mapping

Value stream mapping is a method to create a structured image of the material and information flow on the shop floor. A core skill in Lean Six Sigma is how to identify where value is created in a business so that key processes can be streamlined. This is true whether the processes support the manufacture of products or the processing of transactions. Mapping the value stream helps organizations view their value stream as a system rather than as set of independent processes. By doing so, it enables them to identify problems that span the whole system and to create systematic improvements. These concepts are key to successful Lean Six Sigma deployment. This Value Stream Mapping Workshop provides industrial and manufacturing participants with the know-how to produce value stream maps and to use them to find and eliminate waste. Creating solutions through the generation and analysis of “Should Be” value steams will also be covered in detail and in a manner completely consistent with the Lean Six Sigma DMAIC methodology.

Participants Will Learn
 How to create a detailed value stream map (VSM) for an industrial or manufacturing process
 How to develop, analyze and diagnose the "As Is" value stream map (VSM)
 How to optimize the process through the construction and analysis of the “Should Be” value stream map (VSM)
 How to identify waste in an industrial or manufacturing process
 How to plan for future improvements

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