Workplace Layout Training

Workplace Layout Training
Many organisations are challenged with older facilities with traditional layouts resulting in excessive material handling, flow problems and additional costs.
This course will help participants how they can improve the layout of old or new facilities to maximise flow and minimise wasteful activities such as movement and motion.

The results achieved by applying Lean workplace and facilities layout are:
• Improved flow
• Reduced material handling and costs
• Increased Productivity
• Improvements in safety and quality
• Reduction in floor space required
• Reduction in lead time and turn around time

Target Audience:
Staff from Production, Maintenance, operational and support staff.

Programme Objectives:
The course will enable participants to understand: • The concept of waste in the workplace, including waste resulting from poor workplace layout • The benefits of workplace planning and layout • The different layout configurations and their advantages and limitations • Workplace layout re-design concepts and techniques • How to implement a Kaizen Event for workplace layout • How to monitor and measure improvements of new layouts Programme Outline: • Concept of 8 forms of waste in the workplace • Waste as a result of poor workplace layout • Benefits of workplace planning and layout • Review of various layout configurations, advantages and limitations • Foundational concepts and techniques for workplace layout re-design: • Process Flow Charts • Traditional and Lean Layouts • Focus Factory Concepts • Connecting Disconnected Processes • Cellular Layout Design • Single Piece Flow • Operations Balancing • Standardised Work • Implementing new layout through Kaizen Event • Monitoring and measuring the improvements resulting from new layouts • Hands-on Workshop

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